The Alzheimer Café: why it works

Announcing a new publication from 'The Wide Spectrum' dementia care education resources

By Gemma M. M. Jones

An Alzheimer Café is a monthly gathering where people with dementia, their family members/carers, care-giving professionals and volunteers meet together in a pleasant, casual environment. Its goals include: making new social contacts, exchanging experiences, accessing information, answering ‘burning questions’, offering various types of support and providing psychological education about dementia pertaining to the emotional aspects of having dementia, or giving care.

This book has been written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Alzheimer Cafés in the U.K. It does so by providing anecdotes, interviews and commentaries on some of the themes discussed and what benefits guests at the Farnborough Café have obtained from attending. It answers frequently asked questions about hosting a Café, as well as adaptations that have been made to make it more participatory.

Dr. Gemma Jones is the chair of the Alzheimers Café UK Charity.

The book may be of particular interest to:

  • family carers and friends of people with dementia who do not live near to, or cannot attend an Alzheimer Café
  • caregiving professionals, service commissioners
  • nursing, medical, and social-care students
  • groups wanting to establish an Alzheimer Café in their area as an additional type of support service

The book is arranged in the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to Alzheimer Cafés (AC)
  2. Diagnosing dementia: what is and isn't dementia
  3. What happens to memory and attention
  4. How dementia affects us inside: the range of emotions
  5. Understanding fear and anger - the 'lion' emotions
  6. What help is available, and notes about AC interviews
  7. Communication - how do we stay connected?
  8. Stress - why does it sneak up on you?
  9. Understanding grieving and guilt
  10. Hitting and overcoming brick walls: living with dementia
  11. The future: anti-dementia drugs and Alzheimer Cafés

Endorsement for this book:

This book should be given to every medical student.
Alzheimer Café Guest

Every medical student would learn from reading it.
Professor Tony Bayer, Acting Head of Department of Geriatric Medicine and Director of the Memory Team, Cardiff; and Editor in Chief of Reviews in Clinical Gerontology.

An invaluable resource for health and social care professionals to learn about the invisible needs.
J Martensson Hemsted

To purchase this book (list price £20), please visit:

Some proceeds from this book will go to the Alzheimer Café UK, Registered Charity (1122726)

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